3D Teknologia


Manufacturing techniques can be generally divided into

  • material removing,
  • material-shaping, and
  • material-adding or additive methods.

3D printing is an additive manufacturing method. The abbreviation ‘AM’ in the name of our company, AM Finland, stands for ‘additive manufacturing’.

When material is only added in places where it is needed, the result is an environment-friendly manufacturing method. There is almost no wasted material in 3D printing.

In 3D printing, material is added layer upon layer, which makes it possible to create shapes and nested structures that may at first seem impossible.

3D printing is particularly well suited to the manufacture of individual pieces or unique products.

We can simultaneously manufacture products of completely different shapes.

Various materials are suitable for 3D printing. Our company specialises in the printing of metals. The technique we employ is the laser melting technique.