Suunnitteluohjeet 3D


3D printing provides a nearly unlimited range of design opportunities. This means that the product can be optimally designed to match its intended use. Potential limits imposed by the manufacturing methods need not be considered.

Even though there are virtually no design limits, a few things do need to be taken into account:

  • The size of the build area of AM Finland’s printer is 90 × 90 × 80 mm
  • The minimum wall thickness is 0.1 mm
  • The lowest recommended wall thickness is 0.3 mm
  • The minimum thickness recommended for a flat, plate-form product is 0.8–1 mm
  • The smallest recommended detail is 0.2 mm
  • The smallest engraving or embossment is 0.2 mm
  • The recommended minimum clearance of pieces is 0.1-0.3 mm

We always check all files before printing.