3D Mallinnus


AM Finland has a comprehensive range of mock-ups available to facilitate planning and illustration. We have planned our mock-up portfolio with corporate design teams in mind.

Our mock-up portfolio includes the following:

Design instructions: Text detailing wall thicknesses, materials, finishing options, clearances, threads, etc.

Mock-ups: Nozzle, split nozzle, turbine, and complex shapes

A leaflet with information about mock-ups and design instructions

A stylish portfolio case


Full mock-up portfolio: €1,700

Design instructions only: €695

Mock-ups only: €995

AM Finland keychain, in stainless steel: €25

VAT (24%) and postage and invoicing costs will be added to all prices listed.

All mock-up portfolio components can also be ordered separately.

You can order products or ask our sales team for a price quote at info@amfinland.fi